Comments of Participants

“It was one of the most successful seminars which I have attended… It had very clear targets, PP presentation was easy to follow, feedback to exercises were very enlightening, and you gave us invaluable insights from the perspective of granting institutions and reviewers. Thanks again for your friendly guidance throughout the seminar and for helpful hints. I‘ve got more than I‘ve expected.”

„Sehr angenehme Seminarleitung.”

“Good tips, really useful, active parts (…of the seminar, Anmerk. der Redaktion) good balanced, not too much and not to less active parts, interesting insight into funding, good, that speaker was scientist!”

“Interesting discussions!”

„Vielen Dank für Ihren Vortrag über Forschungsförderung in Deutschland. Es war einer der besten Vorträge, die ich bis dato in meiner langjährigen Berufserfahrung zum Thema Drittmittel gehört habe!“

“A lot of information about universities and research institutions”

“… the most important or most helpful part of the seminar was to learn about how to receive funding for returning to Germany after having stayed abroad.”

„Sehr guter Praxisbezug, hohe Aktualität, hervorragende Teilnehmerunterlagen.“

“I liked in particular the interactive parts in the seminar”

“I really liked the explanations how to get a patent and how to get supported for a start-up.”

„Hohe Fachkompetenz der Seminarleiterin, flexibel und Teilnehmer orientiert.“

“Concrete tips, relating theory to our (the participants, Anmerk. Der Redaktion) situation!”

“Very competent lecturer.”

“The exercises for the participants were really good and quite helpful.”

„Guter Vortrag und Fallbeispiele.“

„Offene Seminarleitung. Hat mir gut gefallen. Gute Kommunikation und Feedback der Leitung und der Teilnehmer.“