Institutional Management of Funds

Based on our longtime experience in the funding system we support process oriented with a systemic integrative approach changes in organizational workflows of the acquisition, the administration and the utilization of research funding to optimize organizational workflows and to establish efficient process-oriented structures.

Research Institutions

We support universities and non-university research institutions in the development and optimization of effective concepts and efficient structures to support their scientists in attracting and utilizing research funding.

We have longtime experience in the different perspectives of the funding system, doing research as a scientist, attracting and administering funds as well as awarding funds as representative of funding institutions. In our approach we integrate process oriented the complete life cycle of funding from the search for suitable funding via the application for funding up to the project realization and the strategic development of projects to secure follow up funding. Major objectives of our approach are the emotional integration of all parties involved in the change process, to illustrate the need for action and thereby to implement sustained change processes effectively.

For special assignments we have an extended network of experienced consultants

Funding Organizations

Funding organizations we support in the development and establishment of new funding programs, of appropriate evaluation systems and board structures and the evaluation of existing funding programs. This includes quantitative as well as qualitative analyses like statistical analyses, document analyses, international context analyses, interviews, online surveys and workshops. We thereby integrate holistically the perspective of all parties involved from the ministries, superordinate financing bodies as well as the scientific community.

For special assignments we have an extended network of experienced consultants.